Nikita, or Kiet, alternative model and art lover from the Netherlands.

Art is the air in my lungs and the language of my heart. I love beauty, in my own wicked way.

Things I love:
Alternative Fashion, Blue Hair, Photography, Wolves & foxes, cats and octopus, Latex, Music, Modelling, Bodymods/Tattoos.


Model: Ellen Lovebite

Photographer: Alexändra Sleäze

Taken at Dominatrix, March 2014. 

”” The cute and sexy Kiet Katharsis - Model likes to linger around the house in latex lingerie… Appreciate her beauty in this new galleryhttp://www.imaginarytease.com/gallery/lingering”
ImaginaryTease also has a Tumblr page! HERE!

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Brigitte Nielson
Playboy, 1987

Kiet Katharsis (HatedxLove)
Photographer: JLM Photography (Hans van der Lint)
MUA: Betsy Waswaal
Photo by heinrich vom schimmer at the WGT fetish party :)

I was in very good company at the Dominatrix party March 2014.

(via LouLou - Starfucked I by BelindaBartzner on deviantART)


Necia Navine by  Orkfotografie.nl

Playing with a whip in a wonderful outfit by Laced-Up Boutique 

full gallery here!


"Memoria"      Model: Triz Tässmore from Triz Täss:http://www.facebook.com/ModelTrizTaesshttp://triztaess.deviantart.comhttp://triztaess.tumblr.commore from me:http://www.facebook.com/fledermausland.photoactionhttp://fledermausland.deviantart.comhttp://www.fledermausland-photoaction.com

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